Tips to Buy Authentic Indian Handicrafts

India is country rich in culture, heritage and art. Over hundreds of years, the artisans who developed beautiful handmade craft for the kings and queens passed on their gift to the next generation. Since then, Indian handicraft industry has reached an all new level, not just in India but also abroad. Many people want this authentic art to grace the beauty of their home. However, many sellers are using the intricacy of Indian handicrafts to demand high prices, when actually these products are sourced from countries like China.

If you are looking for an original Saraswati Statue

lucky for you, you can now shop for it online. You can get your hands on some beautiful and intricate Indian handmade crafts for a fair price if you know exactly where to look. The tips in this article will help you buy the original handicrafts, straight from the heart of India.

  • When you are buying handicrafts online, you need to be sure that the seller is authentic. If your seller is reputed, chances are that its products will be genuine too. You don’t want to pay a heavy price for something that did not even come from where it was supposed to. There are many people selling Indian handicrafts online these days. However, the best way to determine their authenticity is by checking the seller’s website.
Indian handicraft art
  • If you are based in another country and want to shop for handicrafts from an Indian website, make sure that the website is reputed. The company you are buying from must validate the authenticity of the products and must have a reputation of selling genuine products.
  • The best way to determine the quality of products and the seller’s work ethic is by reading unbiased online reviews. The users who have shopped from the website before will help you make the right decision. You can check other users’ experience and then use your best judgement to shop. The seller should not only offer you original products but also give you secure payment options.
  • Never pay for items that are out of stock but still give you give an option to make the payment. If you like an item that appears to be out of stock, then wait until the item is back in stock again or choose the “notify me” option, if available. Only buy those items that can be delivered to your address immediately.
  • Shipping terms are very important when buying online. Most sellers offer free shipping to its buyers if they choose ground shipping. However, if you are shopping from overseas, then don’t fall for the “free shipping” gaff as you may be required to pay customs. Check about the shipping policy of your country and then make a purchase.

Indian Handicrafts are such a great way to enthuse some authentic art in to your décor. However, what you want is original artwork and not some cheap replica that made in a factory somewhere. Read these tips carefully before you make the purchase.

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