Ever Elegant Paithani Sarees – Buy Yours Online

A Paithani is a gold and silk saree. The different types of silk used are as follows:

  • Charkha: This is commonly used. It is cheap, dull and uneven.
  • Ciddle-Gatta: Fine quality silk, thin shear, shiny, smooth and even.
  • China silk

Earlier, cotton was used in the production of paithani sarees, but has now been discontinued, and only silk and gold linings are used.

If you are looking to buy Paithani sarees online , they are commonly available at many online retail stores. There are a variety of colours and designs to choose from. Now, comparisons can be made between different Paithani sarees, such that selection of a particular saree is easier and less cumbersome. Starting price of a Paithani saree can range from anywhere from 2500 INR and may go up to as high as a few lakhs. It is advisable that you plan your budget accordingly.

Paithani Sarees are considered sacred to Maharashtrian brides because of the use of silk, and play an important role in their fashion entourage during weddings. Woven in handlooms in Maharashtra, their floral designs are a result of their influence by the ajantha caves and buddhist paintings.

Some of the age-old motifs are still popular like the Bangle-Peacock motif, the Tota-Maina motif or the Kamal-Pushpa motif. Paithani sarees carry the cultural legacy of Maharashtra. These sarees when teamed up with the appropriate accessories not only give an elegant look but also adds a touch of royalty to the individual’s attire.

Online websites make it easier for the consumer to select their Paithani saree. Useful tools that are present in online websites, to make selection easier, are as follows:

  1. Search Toolbar: The Search toolbar can be used to search for a brand of sarees within the site. Due to presence of a wide array of clothing material and sarees, it is advisable to search for the brand of sari you are looking for, in this case, Paithani sarees.
  2. Cost toolbar: This helps the consumer stay within their budget. Prices ranging from a few thousands to a few lakhs can be simplified using this toolbar, and narrows the search to within a few products.
  3. Once you have made your selection, you can proceed to add the sari to the cart, and make the payment online, either through card, or COD(cash-on-delivery). You should also check with the website for any EMI offers if you plan to make the payment over time.

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