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However, the God that we adore the most is Lord Ganesha. The elephant God is loved by one and all. The story of how he got the elephant head is both interesting and inspiring. Every Ganesh story teaches the importance of different human values and tells the mortals to follow the right path.

The Ganesh festival is celebrated all across India with flair and pompous every year. This year, the festival begins on 5th of September. The Ganesh festival brings joy, happiness and color to the entire country for a span of ten days. Children especially, love the festival as it brings the Ganesh idol to their homes. Decorations and prayers follow the same.

However, the emersion of the Ganesh idol is a hard thing to do. The idol makes our homes shine and sparkle during the tenure of those ten days and then, we have to perform the sacred visarjan of the idol. It is very difficult to say goodbyes and the end of the festival brings a gloomy atmosphere in the house. The kids especially, find it difficult to digest.

One thing every family can do to rectify this situation is to bring a personal Lord Ganesha Statuefor their home. To add more to your home mandir, you can also buy Lakshmi statues online. This way, your home will be blessed from all sides and will nurture positivity and goodness.

Lord Ganesh is said to bring prosperity and success to the house. He is the Lord of intellect and it is said that he removes obstacles. He destroys all the negative entities in the home while creating a positive and vibrant environment. Prayers are always offered to Lord Ganesha before the inauguration of any project or activity as he is said to be the God of Beginnings. Every time we worship Lord Ganesha while commencing with a task, it is said that he gives us the strength and blessings to go through it successfully.

Every organ of Lord Ganesh’s body gives us an important lesson that is crucial to be happy and successful in life. His large head teaches us to think big while his big ears signify the importance of listening more. The small eyes represent intense concentration while the singular tusk is a representation of holding the good and throwing away the bad. The rope in his hands is said to pull him nearer to his goals while the axe in his other hand is to cut off all bonds of attachment. His small mouth is a symbol of talking less and his long trunk is a personification of adaptability.

His open palm that is directed forwards is nothing but blessings for all his followers and worshippers. The Modak is the fruit that one receives after endless hard work and perseverance. His huge stomach represents his ability to digest everything that life throws at him, be it good or bad. The Prasada at his feet is a symbol of the fact that the whole world is at your feet if you dare to act on your dreams and perspire to achieve it.

Along with the Ganesha statue , you can also bring a statue of a mouse at his feet. The mouse is said to be Lord Ganesha’s mode of transport. Lord Ganesha is also known to love lotus and modaks – statues all of which can be bought to adorn and beautify his idol. Along with the optimism that Lord Ganesha brings to your house, the stories of his childhood will help your children imbibe life values and learn to apply them. These stories will help them distinguish between right and wrong while helping them to trudge the path of the former.