Dancing Chaturbhuja Ganesha Motif

This statement pendant is a fine example of Nepalese handiwork. Art and spirituality are integral aspects of Nepal’s way of life, and this bit of adornment has been handpicked because it pays adherence to both. This pendant depicts a flared dhoti-clad Ganesha who is dancing blissfully on a lotus pedestal, the rat (His vahana) at His feet. Despite the miniscule proportions of this ornament and the precious gold and gems it is fashioned out of, the level of detail that has been captured in the image is awe-inspiring. It is a truly devoted artisan who could have smithed such perfection onto traditional Nepalese gem-studded filligree.

Gems-studded Filligree Pendant

The finest of gold wires have been used to do the delicate tracery that fills Ganesha’s aureole and His dhoti, and contain the gems along the silhouette. Zooming in on the pendant will enable you to appreciate the high-precision workmanship as well as the superb-quality stones that have been employed to go into this pendant. The piece is perfectly symmetrical, and the iconography of the beloved deity is replete (four arms in motion, a bowl of laddoos, et al). Note how the petals of the lotus pedestal have been studded with gems of cool blues and an earthy red at the centre.


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