How Gemstones Enhance the Grace of Jewelry

When it comes to trend, you cannot just focus on your clothes, shoes, hairstyle or makeup. Wearing trendy and elegant jewelry is what boosts your style and gives you an amazing look. Jewelry can be either expensive or cheap depending on the material of its make. However, price does not matter when it comes to wearing fashionable jewelry. All you need to focus on is fashion and how ornaments will add up to your spirit.

Gemstones and beads not only adorn the ornament, but also augment your dressing up style. Several sorts of gemstones are available in the market and designers use fine techniques to cut, polish and embed them into the ornaments.

Some gemstones are diamond, opal, Spinel, Moonstone, Pearl and Jade. You can buy moonstone jewelry or any other trinket from online jewelry stores at the best prices. Let us discuss how different gemstones enhance the grace of jewelry.


The national gemstone of Australia, Opal comes in several colors including black, red, yellow, green and white, which is most common. It reflects VIBGYOR of colors from its surface and hence is a premier choice of designers. The price of Opal may range from $50 to $5000 depending on the size and quality.


Deemed as a girl’s best friend, diamonds are shiny and glittering. When diamonds are embedded to earrings, they make you stand out from the crowd. These are most common type of gemstones having a very high international value. They come in variety of shapes like round, pear, heart, oval, emerald, baguette, trillion, marquise and princess. They are available in white, black, red, blue and green colors.


Moonstones are milky white stones usually embedded to earring,

necklace or hand ring. They have a smooth finish and are round or oval. Moonstones work as a lucky charm for people born in the month of June. The stone looks best on sterling silver, mixed metal, titanium, gold or aluminum and you can buy Moonstone Stone Jewelry online at extremely reasonable prices.


In ancient times, Chinese people used Jade for a variety of purpose and its most common use was buttons. It comes in green and white colors. Today, designers are using Jade for ornamental purposes. These gemstones are also embedded to pendants, bracelets, nosegays and earrings. They are very expensive because designers encrypt them with writings and various designs.


Girls like pearls. Pearls are round white stones found in deep oceans inside shelled mollusks. They are quite expensive because companies hire professional divers to find pearls. They definitely enhance beautification of your jewelry. It is very difficult to differentiate between fake and real ones, as they all look the same.


These gemstones are not so expensive but they definitely boost up the style of ornaments. Aventurine is normally green colored, but yellow, white and brown colored are also available in market. Aventurine comes mainly from Chile, Russia and Spain. It can also be used in idols of Lord Ganesha, Nataraj, and other Indian gods .

Star Sapphire

These are one of the most beautiful gemstones. When a single beam of light strikes on Star Sapphire, they give a six-rayed shine. Combining them with jewelry gives you an extraordinary look.

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