How Gemstones Enhance the Grace of Jewelry

When it comes to trend, you cannot just focus on your clothes, shoes, hairstyle or makeup. Wearing trendy and elegant jewelry is what boosts your style and gives you an amazing look. Jewelry can be either expensive or cheap depending on the material of its make. However, price does not matter when it comes to wearing fashionable jewelry. All you need to focus on is … Continue reading How Gemstones Enhance the Grace of Jewelry

Dancing Chaturbhuja Ganesha Motif

This statement pendant is a fine example of Nepalese handiwork. Art and spirituality are integral aspects of Nepal’s way of life, and this bit of adornment has been handpicked because it pays adherence to both. This pendant depicts a flared dhoti-clad Ganesha who is dancing blissfully on a lotus pedestal, the rat (His vahana) at His feet. Despite the miniscule proportions of this ornament and … Continue reading Dancing Chaturbhuja Ganesha Motif